Guilded – PC

A town management game about leading an Adventurer’s Guild

January 2020 – May 2020 || Systems Designer/Narrative Designer

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Guilded – Trailer

Guilded is a game about characters, groups, and their stories. You play as the leader of an Adventurers Guild, where you send adventurers on quests, accounting for how well they work together based on their skills, personalities, and relationships with one another.

The Adventurers of Guilded

You are the new Guildmaster of an adventuring guild, and you have ambitions. You will assemble a team of the greatest adventurers to ever live, whose accomplishments will go down in history, and whose feats will be talked of for generations. They will bring glory and fame to your establishment, and then, while on the most innocuous of quests, your legendary adventurer team will get into a heated argument about the ethics of necromancy, and it gets so out of hand that they all now hate one another and refuse to work together.

Design Reel

Skill Development Overview

– Produced narrative content in various different forms (Quests, Deeds, Monthly Quests, Character/Town Names)

– Rigorously tested the EXP curve and leveling system for Adventurers to consistently fall into a specific range

– Onboarded onto a new team and managed to adapt to the new environment incredibly fast.

– Worked with the team’s artists to design unique and interesting Adventurer classes that would showcase Guilded’s personality as a game

– Gained experience in learning new necessary developmental tools (XML)

– Constantly improved team communication and time management in order to make myself a better team member

Other Team Members


Zach Philips (Product Owner/Lead Designer)

Genevieve Guimond (Narrative Designer)

Joseph Siehl (Systems Designer) || Max Johnson (Sound Designer)


James VanNuland (Producer) || Charlie Grabber (Producer)


Grace Magnant (Lead Artist) || Mari Messana (Artist) || Kenneth Taylor (UI Artist)


Jimmy Griffiths (Lead Programmer) || Austin Laimos (Programmer)

RJ Bourdelais (Programmer)

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