A World of Shadow


Another week passed, another sprint gone. This sprint has had it’s own fair share of ups and downs when put in comparison to the previous one. Both sprints started off pretty rough though, with this one, we had originally assigned ourselves a genre to work in, but we couldn’t make any progress regarding an actual solid concept for at least 2 days. This ate up a huge chunk of time from our one week sprint.

That isn’t to say everything went poorly. In fact, we had a lot of really awesome ideas that went into this sprint. Our idea transformed itself from an extremely basic 3D rogue-like game to a stealth game with basis in Japanese mythology. This allowed for some very interesting concepts both in terms of design and aesthetic.

This made it exceedingly interesting for me as someone who has spent time researching Japanese mythology and legends in my own free time. Getting to work in an environment and world setting that is so heavily inspired on these things was something that I personally had a lot of fun with and would really enjoy looking into more projects of similar nature in the future.

While I had fun with things, there were still some very serious problems during the development process that I want to try to tackle during the next sprint. This is mostly attributed to how I was handling these shorter sprints and what my priorities were when it came to what needed to be done for these short 1 week sprints.

In particular I think I focused too hard into the overall branding of the prototype instead of actually putting together a solid foundation which wasted a chunk of meeting time. While this was not inherently a bad thing, I need to definitely work on knowing when to shift focus to keep things moving at a solid pace, especially if I am to take up the role of Product Owner again in the future.

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