A Look Back at the Past Few Months


Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood Game Dev here. I had a blog post not too long ago that covered a similar topic but I wanted to delve more into how I’ve developed as a designer rather than just my leadership skills which the other blog post covered.

I think something interesting I ran into during the past few months was just how many opportunities I had to try out different facets of design. Surprisingly enough, I actually wasn’t doing a whole lot of the Systems Design on this project despite what I started out doing. After around week 3 or 4, I had transitioned into more UI Design while still touching on pieces of Systems Design. However, by the time week 7 or 8 rolled around, I had almost completely stopped working on Systems Design and was fully working in either UI Design or Narrative Design.

While I’m not completely unfamiliar to these aspects of design, they haven’t been things that I’ve really focused on in the past, especially not Narrative Design. While I don’t think I became a “Master Writer” or anything of the sort, I do think I’ve learned some new things that have helped when constructing a Narrative and a general world for a game environment. Of course, I know for a fact I still have a ton to learn about things like character design and world building, but it was definitely an interesting piece of design to step into and I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it.

Going back into UI Design a bit, I have done a decent amount of it in the past but I’ve only had the opportunity to have that be my focus for a single project in the past, and that work was never actually used in the final product. It was definitely nice seeing my UI and Menu work being shown off in a game after working on it for a while.

Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this project, I got out of my comfort zone and I think I’ve grown quite a bit for it. I’m really looking forward to the future and what it holds for me.

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